Hostels Vienna and Youth Hostels Vienna

If you plan your trips with stays in hostels Vienna, you should pay a lot of attention to making them as pleasant as possible. The offer of hostels and youth hostels Vienna has meanwhile grown up.

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Hostels Vienna

First, you should be aware before booking what you want and what you expect from the hostel. If you prefer quiet evenings, party hostels are not the best choice. It depends on the location and individual needs. If you want to be in the center quickly, you should definitely check the location beforehand. Also, different hostels offer different room sizes. The cheapest rooms are shared between 20 and even 30 people. There are also single rooms or private group rooms. Often there is also the option to go to a room with only women. The budget certainly plays a role in the decision, but it makes no sense to feel uncomfortable if you can avoid it.

Furthermore, it is advisable to explore the same hostel Wien on several portals, as sometimes prices and rating differ. It is also important to know the service offered in advance, as you do not want to be surprised by a hostel without sheets or pay unnecessary fees. Often there are even services such as a hair dryer or adapter (in the countries where it is needed) that you get for free. It is always worth bringing a flashlight if you can not find your things at night. But you can counteract that by putting your pajamas in front of you and not disturbing your neighbors.

Selection of hostels Vienna

Some hostels have kitchens where you can cook your own food. So to save money, it’s worth shopping in supermarkets and cooking yourself. His valuables can be left in the hostel during the day. You should definitely lock the lockers so they will not be stolen. This can be rented for a fee in the hostel or bring your own. If you travel a lot, you are well advised to have your own castle. A private towel is also important as hostels, unlike hotels, do not offer towels. A microfibre towel is especially good because it is small and lightweight and dries quickly.

Finally, earplugs are a must for every stay. Even in private rooms, the walls are sometimes thin and a healthy sleep is especially important when traveling.

Free rooms in a hostel can be found at Booking at a glance.

Youth Hostels Vienna – Youth Hostels

Youth Hostels, also known as youth hostels, are also budget accommodation, but especially with a focus on youth, families, but also travelers. Unlike you would sometimes think, there is no age limit for the youth hostels. Furthermore, a lot has changed concerning the furnishing of the rooms, because today there are also multi-bed rooms and bunk beds, but meanwhile also many comfortable private rooms.

A selection of youth hostels in Vienna is offered by the Austrian Youth Hostel Association.

Alternatively, there is also a cheap hotel as another option for a night in Vienna. For all those who want to be economical on the ground we have collected tips for cheap food. Another tip: if you are traveling across Europe, you should buy an Interrail ticket.