Franz Schubert’s Birthplace – Wien Museum

The museum in the birthplace of Franz Schubert

Belonging to the Wien Museum, the birthplace of Austrian composer Franz Schubert is located in Vienna’s 9th district. A plaque next to the front door indicates that the famous musician was born in the building.

He lived here with his family from the day he was born, the 31st January 1797, until moving to Säulengasse in 1801. Today, Schubert’s Birthplace is a museum which honours the great composer and features numerous sights.

Außenansicht des Geburtshauses von Franz Schubert mit 2 Menschen
Birthplace – Foto: Hertha Hurnaus © Wien Museum

The life of the famous Franz Schubert

Strictly speaking, Schubert actually only spent his first four and a half years at Nußdorfer Straße 54, but the museum presents the composer’s biography in detail. He spent the most part of his 31 years on his work, creating the 600 pieces that made him one of the first composers to make a living from their work.

He is said to have once mentioned to a friend that he “was born only to compose”. During his lifetime, Schubert did not receive the admiration that he won after his death. He was not really looking for publicity himself but was persuaded to hold his first concert. As it turned out, it was a huge success. The exhibition boasts many details in the rooms where the artist himself once spent a portion of his life.

Franz Schubert / historisches Aquarell / Porträt
Franz Schubert / historical watercolour / Porträt © Österreich Werbung, Fotograf: Trumler

Sights in Schubert’s Birthplace

  • Schubert Portraits von Moritz von Schwind, Wilhelm August Rieder, Leopold Kupelwieser
  • Schubert’s trademark glasses
  • The kitchen where he was born
  • Audio stations with sound samples of his compositions
  • Adalbert Stifter memorial rooms
Innenräume des Geburtshauses mit wenig Ausstattung
Schubert – Foto: Hertha Hurnaus © Wien Museum

Guided tours

Duration of a tour: 60 or 90 minutes

Tours for schools, children, adults, and seniors are also offered. Information on these can be obtained at the Wien Museum.

Historisches Piano in Schuberts Geburtshaus
Historical piano in Schubert’s Birthplace, © Österreich Werbung, Fotograf: Trumler

How to reach the artist’s birthplace

Address: Nußdorfer Straße 54, 1090 Vienna
Public transport: Underground line U6, station: Nußdorfer Straße, tram lines 37, 38:, station Canisiusgasse

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