Esterházy Palace – A princely residence and landmark

The domain of musical genius Joseph Haydn

One of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Austria, Esterházy Palace, can be found near the city of Vienna. What was once a prince’s residence for the Esterházy family is still owned by the same family today and is considered a landmark of the Eisenstadt, the regional capital of Burgenland.

The famous composer Joseph Haydn was closely connected to the palace, as he acted as Court Musical Director for the Esterházy family for more than forty years. Thus, the palace was an important site for his exceptional music pieces.

Außenansicht des Fürstensitzes
Esterházy Palace © Roland Wimmer

The Haydnsaal, the centrepiece of the palace

The hall where Haydn’s works were originally performed is today used for concerts and festivals. The Haydnsaal (Haydn Hall) with its artistic frescos is still considered one of the best concert halls in the world.

der barocke Haydnsaal ein Festsaal mit vielen Wandmalereien
Haydnsaal © Paul Szimak

Guided tours through Esterházy Palace

A guided tour through the palace provides insights into the spectacular living rooms of the princess and the living environments and biographies of Maria Josefa Hermenegilda (born Princess Liechtenstein), Maria Theresia (born Princess of Thurn and Taxis), and Lady Sarah Child-Villiers. This is joined by the highlights of the tour: the Palace Chapel and the world-famous Haydnsaal.

ein Salon, ausgegleidet mit roten französischen Seidentapeten aus Lyon
Red salon © Andreas Tischler

Every Friday, separate family tours are held (with alternating themes) for children and families.

The Wine Museum in the cellar vaults

The Wine Museum is located in the around 500-year old cellar vaults of the palace. With over 700 objects related to wine and wine cultivation, this museum is one of the largest of its kind. Here, you will also find the oldest beam press in Burgenland.

How to reach the palace

Address: Esterhazyplatz 1, 7000 Eisenstadt (only an hour’s drive from Vienna)
Public transport: approx. 1 hour by train.

Further information on opening hours and guided tours