Duty Free Vienna – Tax Free Shopping

As an international tourist in Vienna, it is important to know how to save money when buying expensive goods. There is the possibility to get the local tax refunded at the airport, but also in certain brand shops and outlets.

Duty Free Vienna – Tax Free Shopping

Meaning “Duty Free”

What does duty free mean? The term comes from English and means “duty-free”. This means that when shopping in certain shops, selected additional costs that would normally be incurred are eliminated. These include sales tax and customs. Duty-free shops designated in this way can offer goods more cheaply as a result. This makes goods with high taxes particularly cheap.

Duty free shops are usually located between two customs offices, such as in airports. These are “customs exclusion areas” which are actually within a country but are not assigned to a customs area.

Meaning “Tax Free”

How is duty free different from tax free? In contrast to duty free, where the goods are already discounted in advance, with tax free shops you first have to pay the full price including taxes. The VAT will be refunded later.

Duty Free Zr

Tax Free Shops can be recognized by a “Tax Free Shopping” logo. In particular, international brand shops and outlets such as the Designer Outlet Parndorf offer tax refunds for foreign tourists. In the case of expensive clothing items such as designer goods, shopping is therefore very interesting for foreign tourists.