TIP: Discounts by direct booking at the hotel

book directly with the hotel and get discounts, discounts or special benefits

Although there are some large and many small booking portals, but all try to promise cheap room rates. Although these portals have a mediating role to advertise rooms of hotel businesses, however, the operators keep for the mediation, of course, a sales commission.

Due to the ongoing adjustment of the amount of sales commissions, there are already some companies that would rather benefit their customers with a direct booking (directly at the hotel) in the form of a direct booking discount or free upgrades and goodies.

Mit Kreide an Tafel gemalener Rabatt
10 percent CC0 Pixabay

Direct booking – book directly at the hotel

So if you book directly on the website of the hotel, or directly at the hotel, you can count on a thank you to some companies. These can be on the one hand special goodies, so “candy” as a welcome drink, a meal voucher or a niceness in the room. On the other hand, some companies already offer a monthly advantage when booking.

Thus, you should look at the website of the hotel before booking a room. Alternatively, you should also call the hotel once and address the staff of the hotel. With a direct booking at the hotel the same room could be 5% to even 10% cheaper!

Where can I get discounts for a direct booking?

5% discount and best price guarantee

The Hotel am Stephansplatz offers a 5% discount on the room rate, including a Best Price Guarantee for direct bookers. For stays of 2 or more nights, the Hotel Austria Wien also offers a direct booker discount of 5%. This is also done at the Austria Classic Hotel Vienna, where a direct booking deducts 5% discount immediately. There is also something sweet in the room as a thank you.

7% discount

Die Hotel-Pension Haydn honoriert direktbuchende Gäste mit einem automatischen Rabatt von 7%.

The Hotel-Pension Haydn honors direct booking guests with an automatic discount of 7%.

10% discount and best price guarantee

The Austria Trend Hotels offer guests who register on their website and book a room not only a Bestpreisgarantie, but also 10% discount. Furthermore, the Hotel The Levante Parliament offers a discount of 10% on its website for direct bookers.

With the statement “book directly worth it” also advertises the hotel Zeitgeist for direct booking. There is a 10% discount and a free use of the neighboring 1,200 m² fitness center.

15% discount as an advantage for early bookers

Anyone planning early and visiting the Grand Hotel Wien can even get a 15% discount.


Note: The listed companies were chosen purely by chance because these companies have published the discount information for direct booking on their website. The status of this information is: 15.12.2018