Danube wetlands National Park Donau-Auen

Nature Jewel and Europe Conservation Area

The National Park Donauauen stretches over 9,300 hectares and extends from Vienna to the mouth of the March at the Slovakian border. 15 kilometers from Vienna’s city limits lies the visitor center of the National Park Donauauen. It is located in the revitalized Orth Castle and offers its visitors among other things

  • an observation tower with annually changing guest exhibitions,
  • a museum that informs about the history of the famous national park or
  • the National Park Lounge, which provides insights into the underwater life of the Danube.

The National Park Donauauen is Central Europe’s largest and intact Aulandschaft, which among other things also the famous Danube bike path is located. There are more than 800 plant species, more than 30 mammal species, 100 different breeding birds, around 20 species of reptiles and amphibians, and about 60 fish species.

Luftaufnahme der Donau-Auen, Donau und Wälder
Donau-Auen © Kovacs

“Au occupation” & founding of the national park

In 1984, the planned construction of the Hainburg power plant threatened the last longer free-flowing section of the Danube with its alluvial forests. The result was Austria-wide protests – and finally the famous “Hainburger Au cast”, a non-violent occupation of the riparian forests near Stopfenreuth by thousands of people. After several unsuccessful eviction attempts by police units in December 1984, the Austrian government ordered a pause for reflection.

Finally, further research was undertaken to reveal the area’s rich natural treasures. The construction of the power plant was thus blown off.On 27 October 1996, the State Treaty on the Construction and Conservation of a National Park Danube-Auen was finally signed between the Republic of Austria and the states of Vienna and Lower Austria. The National Park Donau-Auen was officially founded.

guided tours – Donau-Auen

The wide range of guided tours and events in the nature park are divided among others in

  • Group and individual guided tours,
  • Adventure and theme hikes,
  • Boat / Canoe Tours
  • Specials for children of all ages
  • Festivals, workshops and much more.

opening hours

March to September: daily 09:00-18:00
October to November: daily 09:00-17:00
November to March: Monday-Friday 09:00-13:00

Arrival and location of the national park

Address: 2304 Orth on the Danube
Address visitor center:
Schloss Orth, 2304 Orth / Donau
Public accessibility:

  • ÖBB-Postbus-Linie 391. Departure at the U2 / Aspernstraße, Wonkaplatz Süd, direction Hainburg. Stops in Groß-Enzersdorf, Schönau, Orth / Danube, Eckartsau, Stopfenreuth.
  • Rapid train line S7, exit at Vienna Floridsdorf, Praterstern or Wien Mitte, direction Wolfsthal. Stations in Maria Ellend, Haslau, Regelsbrunn, Petronell, Hainburg.
  • Passenger ferry (no cars!) From Haslau.
  • Bus line 92B from U2 / Donaustadtbrücke or bus line 93A from U1 / Kagran


Further informations about the National Park