Afterwork – After Business Locations and tips

Finally, after work, relax in trendy restaurants and special places

After work, start the day off in a relaxed atmosphere – where could it be better than in Vienna’s pubs and bars? Afterwork-tips: The city has a lot to offer evening entertainment and who easily loses the overview of the diverse offer, here is a small guide to Vienna’s nightlife.

Strandbar Herrmann am Donaukanal mit Uniqa Tower (Medienfassade mit einer Punktmatrix aus LEDs)
Strandbar Herrmann © Österreich Werbung, Fotograf: Volker Preusser

Afterwork – Bars and Tips

If you just want to relax after a long day at work, you can do so in one of the many bars. The wide range provides variety and even the most loyal regular customers may try something new. For those in desperate need of relaxation, the Chillout Lounge should be the first stop. Here you can enjoy your evening beer or your cocktail in a quiet atmosphere. Even dishes are served.

The Lutz Bar offers a greater variety, but also more liveliness. There are a number of own cocktail creations and apart from dinner also brunch and breakfast. Those looking for even stranger cocktails will find it at Sign Bar, The Sign Lounge. What sounds disgusting, is often surprisingly good there: ingredients that are otherwise expected in the roast, are mixed here in the drink and give no nasty surprises. In addition comes extremely friendly service.

Less freaky drinks, but a fantastic view over the rooftops of Vienna have visitors from the 25h Hotel Bar, “Dachboden Bar” the loft of Vienna. Creative decor and an atmosphere reminiscent of the hostel life of Europe’s backpackers mix with good drinks and a wonderfully airy feeling of freedom high above Vienna.

Afterwork Clubbing – Dancing and Relaxing

Afterwork clubbing – nothing rings? But it should. Because the idea behind Afterwork Clubbing is actually a bit awesome. To prevent the dreadful hangover and the lack of sleep, the parties start in certain locations already at 18 clock, so right after work and busy people can go to bed early while the rest gets a memorable preheat.

One of the most famous addresses for after-work clubbing in Vienna is the Techno Cafe in the Volksgarten Pavillon. Popular with students, suit wearers and everything in between, the parties are always well filled despite the € 7 entry fee.

The Kunsthistorisches Museum regularly hosts Kunstschatzi, the Afterwork Party in the Kuppelhalle. In addition to good drinks and DJs, there is also a tour of the Gemäldegalerie for the € 10 entry fee. Here the guests can expect a particularly splendid evening.

In the Urban City Garden, after-work parties are dependent on good weather, but free of charge. In the third district, after-work hours are enjoyed between street food trucks and cocktail stands. Also sun loungers are available.

Beach bars – highlights in the summer months

The beach bars in Vienna are a must in the hot summer months of the capital. After work, a wine spritzer or a cyclist in a deck chair and already get a holiday feeling – and in the middle of the turbulent city.

The Herrmann beach bar is now so famous that even tourists know it before they arrive in Vienna. In addition, it is also not to miss, as it is right on the Danube Canal next to the Urania. So you’ll almost hit it with your nose. Already from 10 o’clock in the morning until 2 o’clock at night you can dance here and then either do yoga, watch football or simply enjoy the sand between your toes with a cocktail.

Something oriental is on in Tel Aviv Beach too. Again, this is a classic beach bar, but with delicious oriental dishes and chilled music. In addition, you have a very good view of the sunset from this small paradise on the Danube Canal.

Not on the Danube Canal, but on the New Danube is the Wake_up beach bar. Several terrace levels and a fantastic view attract the Afterwork-enjoyer from the city. There is also a wakeboard lift. But even those who are not on action, get their money: Most simply enjoy their drink in the evening sun and let the day end.