Boat trip Wachau – from Vienna to the Wachau

The UNESCO World Heritage Wachau region is known worldwide for its cultural-historical buildings and excellent wines. The Danube winds its way through the Danube valley for about 33 kilometers. Historic towns such as Melk and Krems are among the most popular tourist destinations with their impressive sights. Coming from Vienna, a visit to the Wachau as a day boat trip Wachau, because with a boat trip on the Danube you can get in Vienna comfortably and be comfortable and well taken care of inspired by the ship.

Schiff welches auf der Donau fährt.
Schifffahrt © KWi

boat trip from Vienna to the Wachau

The bestseller at provider Getyourguide is the day tour from Vienna to the Wachau with wine tasting. You enter Vienna in a ship one enjoys a boat trip including a small group tour. The tour leads in the Danube valley Wachau to Dürnstein, Weißenkirchen, Spitz and Melk and a wine connoisseur leads through the vineyards of the region.

boat trip Wachau

For those who would rather travel by train to Krems an der Donau and enjoy a boat trip from Krems, we have found the following offers. The bestseller is the Wachau Valley River Tour with a 3-course meal. This journey stretches from Krems to Melk. You should sit in the lounge area on the upper deck under the flexible awning, or enjoy the views with a magnificent view from the sundeck of the ship.